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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Today I painted a mural with another volunteer named Lucy (from the UK). It was so good. A tremendously good day. We both had the day off.

Amazing breakfast out on the balcony...deep conversations and prayer...worship and personal reflection time with art...reflected back on Urbana (huge InterVarsity missions conference, from winter - still blowing my mind freshly) lunch with more meaningful conversation...small siesta...and then paint paint paint with worship...

Today I deleted the Facebook and Instagram app from my phone again. With easier access to wifi than the last time I was here, it has been easy to get sucked in/sucked away. I want to be fully and wholly present. A Facebook account delete may be on the horizon. I don't know what that would mean for the poetry (likely, that it would all transition here to Incandescent) but I am not worried.

There is more to share than feels possible. So much. (There is a painting titled "so much" by Clare Elsaesser that I love and relate to).

Yet, I don't feel antsy or compelled to write it all out. I don't think it is anything that will be lost, over time. Simply simmering, getting richer; as aging wine.

So, I must thank you again for your patience. If you are truly curious to know more of all that is going on with me, please please please reach out and let us schedule a video chat together. I would love to talk personally - and also to know how you are doing, friend.

With many thanks and much love,


Prayer requests:

-unity among us volunteers and the whole community

-praise for safe travels (for many people)

-overflowing: joy, peace, love, patience, all the good stuff from Him


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