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"Last night, like a waterfall."

When was the last time you felt the weight of God's love for you?

His love for this crazy thing, humanity?

"Last night, like a waterfall."

I lay in bed, curled in on myself, confronted with His goodness and my own mistrust - my holding back - my unwillingness to let this overflow be the new normal.

Right now, like a waterfall. Always, like a waterfall?

I am constantly complaining to God about everything I want - when He's already given me everything I need.

I have such a tendency to be transactional - when it's a gift freely given.

When it's radical grace I can't rationalize with my thoughts or my ways, because His are higher.

Beautifully, there's no shame or fear as I come to Jesus with all my insecurities and weaknesses. He lets me drudge up these thoughts that could be so easily self-deprecating, and immediately saturates them in love, saying, "Now you can see it - see how I see you - see how much more I have for you."


In Hebrew: berakah

In Swahili: baraka

Meaning? the destroying of all that is evil & wrong - and restoring all that is right & good.

Blessing can break you down. Blessing can strip everything else away. Blessing unveils the beautifully broken reality of separation, love, and a unity we can't possibly imagine yet.

Can you see it?

Last night, like a waterfall.

With thanks and love,


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