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hi friends

hi. hi. hello. welcome. yay.

  • Something calm and flat is laying on my chest (nothing tangible, but it sure feels real).

  • Sometimes I panic that I'm not "professional" enough.

  • That I never could be.

  • Then I remember that it has never been someone particularly "professional" that has struck my heart,

  • and I move on.

  • Someone [I'm becoming] is looking back on me now, and laughing a bit. She knows a lot more than me. She's much kinder to me than I am, right now.

This Sunday the pastor shared: Chronos & Kairos. In Galatians 4:4.

"fullness of time" is time in terms of Kairos: a meaning of "time" that is outside of time.

Chronos is time as we know it: chronological, in the past and present and future.

Kairos. Jesus came in fullness of Kairos.

Our Lord came from Kairos into Chronos to change everything.

Anyway. Keep this in mind: clock & circle.

The Enneagram is also on a circle. And a reading my friend T shared with me completely blew my mind; It is a reading that gives the Enneagram a new depth, meaning, and purpose than so many other, narrower views of it have taught me...

Circles are holy. This has been one of my favorite tattoo pictures for a long while:

Outside the circle. Outside the circle. Outside the circle.

The Enneagram reading talked about how the circle invites us to learn about what is inside (human behaviors, mapped out in the nine types) but also to wonder about what is outside of the circle...much harder to understand than the inside...beyond.

And a small interlude to mention that a metaphor is made up of two parts: the vehicle which is the thing we know & understand - used to point to the tenor which is the thing we do not know/understand. The vehicle helps us to understand the tenor. A finger pointing to the moon. Something to get us to try and understand the real thing (I'm stealing this explanation of a metaphor from the book God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality).

To focus on the vehicle in a metaphor would be a mistake.

Outside the circle. Outside the circle.

Outside of our understanding of Chronos, time, there is a wider Kairos.

Outside our understanding of humanity Enneagram types, there is a wider Personality.

Outside the circle.

Anyway there's a lot of other practical junk happening right now but here's a small peek into the thoughts I'm letting marinate as the world is wild and I'm growing up (maybe).

Love y'all.



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