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Sharing + Sorrow

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Committed to this journey of sharing, I want to share some challenging news. Tuesday last week, my friend Kayla and I went for a walk - which had become our semi-daily practice since we both started working from home - and were followed, stopped, and mugged.

We are both safe. Our phones and $5 out of Kayla's wallet were taken, "nothing was lost that cannot be replaced." The healing process is new and messy and we're working through it.

Sharing with people has been a tremendous relief for me - to know that I am not carrying the knowledge of what happened alone. Writing out the retelling of this story helped me to release the burden of remembering each detail - and to push the events away from myself.

I'm sorrowful and grateful that Kayla and I shared this and have been able to lean on each other, to have the "fellow feeling" I mentioned in my last post. Those closest to me have been reaching out, checking in. I am well-supported. I am still fully seeking how I can move forward in faith, in hope, and most of all in love (tune in for the next sharing post - it'll be about songs!)

I open up this story to be read. I invite you to read this story as another way of me releasing these experiences away from myself - but there is also no pressure to read. It may not be easy to read. Content warning: descriptions of traumatic events, gun.

I love Baltimore city and living in the neighborhood that we live in. It has its challenges and beauty. I'm glad to understand both more personally, as I live life here.

Here is a beautiful photo I took as we walked that day:

With many thanks and much love,


prayer requests:

- emotional healing. It's messy and takes time.

- that the story wouldn't replay in my mind (it's been so less each day, but still a prayer)

- balancing the continued pursuit of the new things that God is doing, with the rest I may not realize I need.

- many more - pray as you are led!

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