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Truth & Love

The trouble with being "right" is that you never again can allow those half-truths, glimpses, or varied interpretations in for a dance.

I care deeply about truth. But I believe it lives in plurality. I cannot fully know or understand truth...neither can you. Together, we get a little closer. But really nothing is ever complete. And our ability to grasp what is true is so limited...

But to be more confusing.

I believe in an absolute Truth. Big "T" Truth. That rests in the heart of a loving God, His manifestation of love - Jesus, and His indwelling force of love in me - Holy Spirit. Three in one.

But THAT is some MESSY truth! Like...truth that can't be talked through. Words fall far too short.

And love is never explained. It is experienced.


Here's the trouble with yesterday. Valentines can be a beautiful thing. The concept of a day to deliberately share increased love and appreciation for people is nice - but a strange condensed (and commercialized) attempt at the love we should strive for every day of the year.

The other problem?

Beyond Valentines but nicely wrapped up along with it?

Our emphasis...exaltation...obsession with romantic love as the highest form of love.

I'm still at a place right now of wondering what "romance" is. Because I think we may have manufactured it. I get sex - I get affection. What is romance?

At this point I'm wondering -

(seriously...I need to learn more...but this is where I'm to other thoughts)

- if the only thing that differentiates marriage from other relationships IS sex. I say "only" not to diminish it's importance - but to elevate it. Sex is HUGE.

And then the lead up to sex? The small things indicating "I am open to this awesome thing with you"

Okay I'm done with this tangent now. But I hope that kind of helps...

So anyway. Yesterday (in large part) we saw a ton of people appreciating their significant others or spouses, and talking about love. Interspersed with some lovely posts about loving/being loved by yourself, everyone, and Jesus*

*just cause I follow a bunch of Christian goons like me :)

But here is my trouble - there are SO MANY PEOPLE who walk through yesterday with a deep sorrow. "Ah me, Unloved."

We have so far glorified romantic love today that those who don't have it present in their lives are made to feel that something is missing.

But, here's the thing.

Something IS missing for them.


"what Mia? Hush! That's so bad to say!"

No, reader, it is not. It is true.

What's missing for the folks who don't currently have a presence of romantic love in their lives?

OTHER LOVE. Other equal but undervalued love - robbed of non-romantic love for the sake of our glorification of romantic love!


So while we exalt our romantic loves onto pedestals they should not be on

we also push aside our friendships, families, and everyday people we pass.

These are the "lesser" loves (a lie).

so that romantic love can be afforded its appropriate time, money, and idolatry.


So yes I believe in a big "T" Truth that is rooted in a Christian reality (though the divisions of truth are stark even within Christian community in the world).

But if I allowed that to cut me off from listening to, inquiring about, or learning through other truths, I would be missing a HUGE OPPORTUNITY.

AND I would be weakening my own argument that the Truth I believe is True.

Because, if it is, then it is truly the root of anything and everything else, as well.

I think of this often in terms of astrology (not something I've personally invested much time in learning, but I love hearing my friends help explain more to me about it). There are plenty of Christians out there who completely reject astrology for their own reasons. But the thing I find so miraculous about that it is a partial truth. To what degree? I have no idea. But God has given us stars - God has given us birthdays - and personalities that can be shockingly similar to other people - who am I to say He couldn't have orchestrated something as crazy cool and complex as astrology?

But until the Holy Spirit gives me some good reason to outright spit something out (which has happened - but rarely) I love to engage, to learn - because God's heart is at the center of it all.

And I believe the Holy Spirit is powerful enough in me to sweep out garbage.

And here is where the two threads intwine...


I think Truth and Love are both more powerful than we give them credit for.

We work so hard to be "right"

We work so hard to be loved and to be loving is simple

(not easy)

but simple.

I believe

Truth and Love


God the Father

manifested in Jesus on earth

and magically radiated in me by a Holy Spirit that is SO much stronger, better and wiser than me trying to be these things in my own ability

Simple, but not easy. We're sold on a lie that we need to do it for ourselves.

Thankfully, we don't.

And because we don't - we can have so much more to give. From a bottomless source...

With a new kind of excitement,


Please send me your prayer requests. I would love to pray for you.


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