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go ahead and sit in your small feedback room comfortable chair reading and learning about everything

issue after issue and problem after problem being solved in your one head maybe even so far as collaborating on this digital platform all the feedback you need

build that brain make those choices intangible. realities, nonetheless.

but I say do something love someone try attempt go and yes you will fail and yes you won't have answers to everything and yes you'll encounter so many things that don't fit into your snug constructed box of reality but know that this is a good thing know you're learning the messiness of it all the brokenness of it all the beauty of it all know that your voice and your hands and feet are so needed and know that we are waiting for you

waiting for you to step out of this realm of self-actualization and self-building and construction of opinion to enter into tangible reality all you have learned we need it and we also need you to hear see love and know us.

so please get up and move and don't post another word (however wise, kind, thought-provoking) until you've done it


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