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Updated: Dec 1, 2018

may our eyes be open may the stories come flooding in

may we listen with full appetites for the next round of bitter news

may my heart never reach capacity or shatter under the weight

yes, I will pray yes, I will stay yes, I will say enough already

we are a generation bottle fed on the brokenness of the world it can't be hidden anymore

we are coming in arms wide open listening O Lord I hope listening to the pain

pushing back standing up seeing hopefully, understanding

sitting in the seat of social media like gods preaching peace (hear me out, please)

can we do it? I think we can. can we be it? I think we can

the generation that hears and speaks and seeks to change the ways

I pray I may be, at least, one piece

may we grow to fill our words with our actions may we continue becoming

may it all be true may it all be real may it change us to be what we truly can be what we can be can be.


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