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Sharing + Songs

Most of what I have to share about this is in video form.

(feel free to skip around, it's a long video):

Want to know something fantastic? In the past week, two people reached out to me:

1. My acquaintance from high school was asked to write a solo soprano piece for his friend - and wanted to use one of my poems for lyrics!

2. Another friend is putting together a collaborative project with those in creative fields, and our responses to this time. The project is meant to include both spoken and sung word - and my friend thinks that my poetry lends itself to sung word!!!

3. I've decided to give permission for use of any of my poems as lyrics - as long as the original meaning is not changed - to add, subtract, divide, combine, etc.

4. I've reached out on our worship team at church to see about writing songs together.

5. One of my new roles working with InterVarsity Mid-Atlantic Region is editing short community videos that staff can use to share with students & spark discussion during quarantine - and guess what this week's video is about...see for yourself.

So something is happening with songs. I am not sure what, but I am resting in the lack of clarity. Taking it as an opportunity to trust. And, still, learning to share.

So here is me sharing.

More sharing to come.

With thanks and love,


prayer requests:

- that my family would keep making time to come together.

- emotional healing (probably a request for a while)

- many praises - lifting up a big thanks that God is bringing blessing (not just the good - but Baraka - the stripping away of all else, and re-filling of His Love)

Send me your prayer requests. I am praying every morning from 7-7:30, and you are welcome to join.


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