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Updated: Dec 1, 2018

I promise I promise I promise to love you to notice the glimmer in your eye when a certain song comes on to seek you out when you're feeling invisible to remind you of who you are when you're not sure anymore to trust you with my fears, my uncertainties, my flaws I promise I will fail at all of the above and love you anyway

I promise the light in my heart isn't ever dimmer but maybe a bit bent or broken or obscured due to bad weather but shines underneath so bright to love you as you're meant to be loved

to lift you when you've fallen to be with you in the storms to look at your broken heart on the floor and not immediately need to pick it up but maybe suggest mosaic designs I see in the pieces

to jump with joy to say wow to gasp at the marvel of life or love or just you being awesome because you are pretty awesome

and you don't need you to love me back I understand you're stretched so thin sometimes or even just a bit too empty I'll stay right here I'll love you anyway and

I promise to keep trying to figure out why who what how when where brings you joy brings you hurt brings you anger brings you passion what makes you tick, my friend?

who are you right down to the pit of your belly? or, if not, who do you want to be? when on the tips of your toes are reaching for that top cookie jar of dreams what's inside it?

all these promises and questions I can understand if you're confused or overwhelmed or annoyed I can step back

but this is how I try to love so I'll try to love you how you want to be loved but I promise I may fail at that too but I promise I still love you.


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