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Updated: Dec 1, 2018

may your life be full of color and shameless expression may the tips of your fingers search endlessly for the perfect blanket you can wrap yourself in when a warm hug isn't available

I hope your "cool" self never gets in the way of you having a whole lot of fun laughter joy

I hope you see yourself clearly not on a pedestal or broken down low but really see...

you are loved if not by those immediately beside you or if not by a significant other or if not by family or if not by mentors or if not by society then you are loved in some strange way by me or some other little person who thinks their heart big enough to hold the world (no, I don't really think mine is quite that large but I wish it were)

I believe in a God that also loves you a lot

but, in lieu of His direct impact I hope a small portion of my life can possibly show that

may your life be free and full and bursting at the seams

I know it may not feel like that often, it probably doesn't I hope that the darkness heaviness and bleakness of that reality only makes the best days seem even brighter

I pray that you will feel loved, today really loved not for what you thought you should be not for what they think you are not for what you've done not for what you've said not for anything BUT that you feel loved, today simply exquisitely unimaginably for exactly who you are

(broken, bruised, or scarred hating, fearful, or hard waking, tired, or alone hopeful, hated, or enthroned)

wherever whatever whoever you may be I pray you be it completely and may you be loved unconditionally

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