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mourning at the divide between man and woman he and she and they and we and me and you

weeping at the split how we've created it wider and wider back to back in paces round the kitchen counter to argue once again to rear red heads to blare sirens screaming sinking sinking the deep dark of it what was once small bickering revealing

sackcloth and ashes beating in masses droves of the hatred men versus women

once created to be jointly an image of a perfect King

now two camps at war meanwhile those who aren't sure where they fall in this gendered scale are battered in the shrapnel of every norm

oh to the hypermasculine oh to the passive feminine oh to every expectation

gnashing at the lack of my own faith that a God who creates life from dust could make of us man, woman something of a dim reflection of His grace

screaming at every fear I face questioning every step I take beyond confused with this game we play sick of it in every way

oh Lord please save please save save us from ourselves we decay descend destroy I feel defeat even though I know you already won victory

still I wait still I pray still I dare to hope you can somehow mend what's broken in this great canyon

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