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it is our job it is our responsibility to be a light in this world you get a new start at it every day every moment to choose to be to somebody a source of love, hope peace, joy amidst so much chaos

I think we all get caught up in the chaos it's far to easy like a million little tornados

meanwhile... lonely people like us wander the halls without a friend to sit to hear to listen to maybe know them just a little bit better

but you see if we take a moment to peel away from our *tiny, tawdry, worn-out theaters in which our own little plots are always being played* we get to be that one person one person who might brighten someone's day

light salt hope love to be these things is not one grand effort not heavy lifting no it is a million tiny choices in every moment to choose to love rather than be comfortable to choose to smile rather than duck head or avert eyes to choose to introduce even if it's awkward (how many friends has "awkward" robbed from us?) to choose I hope today to choose

you, too?

*paraphrased from a quote I love

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