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come time

here we are the Facebooked community of billions raving and raging loving and hating heating and cooling

until the next headline sends boiling up through the pot the waves upon waves of words

are we awake? or are we blinking at the whited screen with the friends and followers blinking back are we an act?

can you look your brother in the eye anymore... your sister on the side of the road

when we preach humanity who are we excluding

see, I hear it well echoing through the mountains of cyberspace that we are going to love all

but when I pass by strangers with faces glued to phones... myself included... where are our smiles at our common neighbor?

the love shared as a react to the post, will that love be found offline?

will we be found offline to be the warriors for love we share to be?

I see in you and in me powerful love being amplified in this time

if all the waves and the worldwideweb vanished underneath us how would we act?

if the digital platform erased on what ground would we be standing?

powerful love amplified through socialized media is beautiful modern art to behold but

come time to act come time to choose come time to BE come time...


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