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moon phases

the moon goes in phases

in His word it once said

(and says, continues to say)

that we, with unveiled face

reflect an everlasting light

and I thought of the moon

no source of light in itself

yet bright enough to set ablaze

a whole blessed, deep night

and even to cast my shadow

deep blues upon blacks paint

the beautiful night I've loved

and the moon boldly brilliant

reflects a taste of the majesty

of day

likewise I

with some not-me ability

can be reflecting

the Son

moon phases

waxes and wanes it's

a dance with daylight

as we get to see the

dark side outlined

the new moon may seem a loss

but really

it's death to life

so why

can't I tolerate myself

to shine less of His light

and wane away in my phase

why do I demand

perpetual waxing

as if the capacity

to shine

no, to reflect

His light could

expand by my constant rise



like the moon

must grow to let

my darkness show

the glory of reflection is

I don't need to be the source

but all in phases

all in phases


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