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Part 1: Sorrow

how do we handle the goosebumps rising across our shoulders as sorrow dapples down our long cheeks

the gentleness of each breath of life coming and going lungs inflating on and on day by day

every second ticking every moment waiting every breath holding every love and loss

all for one or one for all? love brother sister love

I miss you like I miss the smell of an old blanket I don't really remember all I know is that somewhere down the line too much tangle got in the mix and I caved to fear made you disappear

for the sorrow of evening heavy like rain and dark in a way that day cannot mimic

for the sorrow of the morning sneaking on tip-toe into the first sunshine ray oh why are these bedcovers so heavy?

for the sorrow of the moment swift like a thief of the smile paid just before stealing, stealing all we just were

for the sorrow not yet come may it never scare us may it fill up may we be ready recharged

bittersweet it falls and freezes my eyes fixed in place and makes and makes and makes a place in the caves of my chest and waits and waits and waits between each breath and is a blank ready canvas on which joy can come and shine against


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