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Part 2: Joy

shaking in my bones rippling trying to jump out

sparks firing jumping jumping

joy is it found? can it be lost?

the backdrop paints new vibrant radiant colors

swirling connecting warm sunrises in my eyes are shining out

if joy ripples does sorrow dam? like water it all flows like rain, it goes

"be the Galilee" I once read "not the dead sea" give it out, instead

what I hold in holds me secrecy the enemy

stagnates like thick green sludge gathering in the corners of my eyes tired, unalive

but joy waits like an impatient dove for its release

from the shackles of the mundane from the chains of every day

BUT what if the keys lay in the dust of those days?

what if joy is all around all around all the time?

sparkling through glass chambers of heaven all around us

weaving through airwaves on a signal we've clicked to once upon a smile

waiting at the window between past and future as the present screams HELLO CAN YOU HEAR ME A NEW GIFT ON THE HORIZON sunshine beaming is this never enough?

richness sweetness wholeness alive alive alive burning in our bones a gift to even exist a gift to even exist

you and I to even exist

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